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Seplos BMS slow charging due to cold is there a setting to turn off.


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Jul 19, 2022
In the UK were are getting close to zero in some garages. My BMS is restricting to 10amps is there a cold setting to turn off to allow it to charge faster. As exporting 1.5kw back to grid battery at 71%
Warming your battery is the better solution.

The cell spec sheet for most Lifepo4 cells say to not charge below 0c and it is wise to limit charging as you reach freezing.

If you want to bypass the safety feature of your BMS you could remove the temp sensors and warm them up separately from the cells.
The BMS is reporting it about 8c if the charge would increase it would heat them up and the BMS and cells are in the same case.
No warning on the BMS registered. Cel voltage is all over 3.3v V2 BMS. 10e
Otherwise, you might want to check what the temp sensor on your inverter is registering/ has setup for temperatures