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SOK battery cycle and warranty


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Jul 31, 2023
Hi everyone,

Looking at SOK now after SolArk said they do not support the eg4s and will not assist in any issues that arise in using not comm'd closed loop batteries.

I see this on the SOK site and am running its a little low compared to others claiming 7000.
  • Extended Cycle Life: The SK48V100 offers impressive longevity and reliability with high-capacity cells that retain 80% capacity after 4000 cycles. That is even at a 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD) with a 1C rate."
They also state that the warranty is only 10 years (7 years normal and 3 extended) if bought from current connected and would like to get input from those using these batteries. Looks like you don't get this warranty if you get the batteries from somewhere else?

Also hoping to learn if the SOK warranty is pro rated or not.

Thanks for any help.
4000 cycles is a very conservative estimate, yet when you cycle your sok every day, which if your system is sized right , shouldn't happen, you still looking at 11 years of service, and a guaranteed remaining life span of 80%>>

In other words, your battery system could literally run for 2 decades.

Just my 2 cents