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Sol-Ark (installation manual) setting for Simpliphi PHI 3.8 48V battery - Wrong?


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Jan 14, 2023
According to the Sol-Ark Installation manual....
Settings for the Simpliphi PHI 48V 3.8 battery includes an equalization charge of 2.0 hours, once every 30 days.

I've recently learned that lithium-Ion batteries do not require an equalization charge and may become damaged from such..

Does anyone think that after 9 months of use, that this setting could have damaged my batteries?

Is anyone else using these batteries, and what are your charger settings in regard to equalization (when using Lithium-Ion batteries?
No I don't think so.
A Fortress power tech had recommended a 1 hour equalization every 14 days to remedy any imbalances in the cells because one pack was having an issue with two of the cells, so he logged into my system and balanced them all.
I guess the tech thought it might happen again, so the equalization was to prevent this.
I tried it for a few months but then turned it off because I was not really having any issues with the cells after that first occurrence.

diy solar

diy solar