Solar Charge controller and Inverter for 48V 500ah battery


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Oct 16, 2021
Hello everyone . I'm new to all of this. I wanted to build an off-grid solar battery system to charge my PHEV and EV vehicles.
I bought 8 300 watt 12V flexible monocrystalline PV panels(I know shitty efficiency), 16 3.2V 500ah Prismatic LiFePO batteries that will be in 16S configuration.
I'm having difficulty sizing a solar charge controller and an inverter that won't get fried by the current. I was also thinking I could make a 24V system 8S2P configuration but the that would make my batter have a 1000ah capacity.

I'm planning on level1 charging only at 3-5Kw. Cars: Kona EV 64Kwh and RAV 4 Prime 18.1Kwh

Two question:
1 24V or 48V battery for this purpose?
2 What charge controller and inverter would suggest for the 24V set up and the 48V setup?

Some help Please


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Nov 22, 2019
I am not clear on your thinking that 48v would somehow be worse than 24v. A 24v system will have 2 times the current as a 48v system (at the same power rating). Please explain.

Here is a charger and inverter, all in one. If 5000 watts is not enough for you, you can stack(gang) several of them together for more power.


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Mar 21, 2020
Can you provide the actual charging specifications for each car? Are they charging with AC current or DC? What's the amperage and voltage supposed to be? If it's 3000W of 240VAC, I know my XW+6848 could easily handle that.

Right at the start, I can tell you that 2400W of panels is not going to provide you with 3000W of charging power. Multiply that by 2.5X and I'd say you'd have it about right. Did you mean 3kWh of power?


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Sep 5, 2021
You need a rather large system if you are going to charge a car. Will Prowse has an off-grid system that he uses to charge his Tesla :