Victron Energy Phoenix 800VA 12-Volt 120V AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter advice please.


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I think you should just buy this sort of thing on Amazon: Inverters-R-Us is a legit retailer and sells through both their own website and Amazon. I bought the 24V 1200VA version of this same inverter from them through Amazon, with 2 day shipping. I paid $362 plus tax with free shipping. It's the same architecture as the 800VA one, I believe, (full-bridge with a gigantic toroidal transformer), they just offer it in a few different sizes. In my opinion it's very good quality, but I don't have longevity anecdotes other than "it works".

I am running a full size refrigerator, a minifridge, my modem/router/security system, and some random other things like landscaping lights and sprinkler system. It handles surges to about 1500W for the refrigerator compressor starting up; thereafter the fridge draws 155-300W. I load tested it with a 1200W heat gun and it worked well, although not stellar efficiency at that high of a load. I posted initial data in the Show-And-Tell forum and have been using it for about a week now.

If you need help setting it up, reply to this thread or message me. I just did that this week. Note that you need a VE.Direct to USB cable (or the Bluetooth one) in order to configure things like the low-voltage cutoff. If you don't need to configure that, you don't need the cable.