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Voltronic DIY air filter improvement. 1st attempt.


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Aug 3, 2022
Piedmont (Italy)
The original Voltronic air filter is inefficient and a pain in the butt (1). It clogs very fast (2) and the process of taking them out and putting them back in is tedious and uncomfortable, specially with multiple units side by side. It has one screw difficult to grip, and you have to hold up the cover while screwing ti back in. So i decided to 3d print something as an alternative that would make things better and more convenient and this is what i came up with (3).

A 3d printed frame with a grid in the middle that you can screw in as a replacement for the whole thing. With a little bit of double sided tape under it you can seal the contact pretty well (4). The filter is the same sponge material 50ppi but i doubled the thickness. 10mm instead of 5mm. With a larger area and with the filter separated from the inverter's air holes the flow of air is improved even with thicker material (5).

If you cut the filter 1 to 2 mm bigger than the 3d printed frame's internal dimensions you can just press fit it manually and take it out pinching it with two fingers (6). This is the first attempt and i think it has been succesful. I am going to make a couple of changes for the next version and that will be perfect.

What do you think of this idea? What would you do different to improve it?

I like it a lot - much easier maintenance!
In which CAD software have you created the model? Maybe you can share the files?
I use Freecad. I am making a new version of it removing as much material as possible and improving a couple of things that needed tweaking. As soon as i print it and test it i will share the stl file it in the resources section.
I have finished refining the model and i have printed and tested it.
It works beautifully.
It is now added in the DIY Plans And 3d Printer Files section in the Resources.
You ought to offer them for sale....I would be several.
With 3d printing you can get away with a complicated geometry, but is not a good method of production. Even if the cost of making each one of these is around 1,5 - 2 euros it takes around 4 hours of printing time, so it couldnt be scaled up for sale. The good thing is that anybody can do it at home.
If i wanted so sell a solution like this i would design a sheet metal stamp that accomplishes the same.
Is incredible that the chinese factories dedicated so much effort on producing such a mediocre design for the air filter.