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    Welded stainless steel m6 studs a good solution?

    I wasnt aware that you could weld SS to Aluminum.
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    $450AUD 100Ah Access LifePo4 On ebay Australia. Any one tried them?

    They look very interesting, I might buy one for my 12v fridge for when i go camping if you give a good recommendation. Ive recently gone off grid and bought some Solar King batteries but like the idea af being repairable and a metal case.
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    Anybody use iPad on the forum? Notice “T” getting left out when typing?

    I stopped using the ipad keyboard and use one from the app store, lots more features and no missing t's. Not that i noticed any letters missing before i changed but i wanted the < and > keys to move the cursor.
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    Has anyone tried 280 Ah LiFePO4 to start engine at 1.5C?

    1000 cca? Not sure how many emergency starts you would get from this. Looks like it must be a bms bypass maybe?
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    MP4 connections for solar confused

    It looks like the expansion kit might come with Y connectors which would suggest a parallel connection? You will need a tool to disconnect the existing MC4 connections.
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    You could try a jig to get all of your holes the same spacing. Drill the first hole in the bus bars and sit that on a pre-made piece of wood with a bolt in the position of the hole, do up the nut on the bolt to hold the bus bar in position and clamp the wood in a vice on the drill press and...
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    Victron EasySolar

    So after much googleing i have found what seems to be the answer to my question. The mc4 connections all join to common bus bars inside the unit so connecting to them is joining in parallel.
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    Victron EasySolar

    Well ive bought the victron easysolar 24/3000 150/70, some batteries and panels and am making electricity. I hooked up the 3, 250w/37v 8.25amp(i think) panels that i had on my 12v system, they were in parallel so the results were pretty average so i connected them in series and got a lot better...
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    EPever all in one

    Thanx for the reply, didnt think about the fan noise. Ill keep looking, id really like to get a Victron Easysolar but as you mentioned the price is a bit prohibiting at the moment. Ive got a property on the market and once that sells ill be set to buy components to build a good brand name...
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    EPever all in one

    Has anyone had anything to do with the EPever all in ones? Interested in peoples opinions. Im looking at the 24v 3000w 150v 60a version. UP3000-M6322 All in one
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    Simple Temperature Switch - Fan on at 80°F

    These come in different temp ranges.
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    eBay cells

    Sorry, yes he says he is in Australia, didnt see that.
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    eBay cells

    Says "shipped from China" when i view the link, cant find any mention of Australia.
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    Off Grid Music

    The better Bluetooth speaker thAt i have is charged via a 240v power brick (Australia here) and i would prefer to have the system powered by 12v. As i already have a 12v head deck i have ordered a pair of these Speakers to give a try. Apparently they sound pretty good. Here is a long video of...
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    Off Grid Music

    Thanx for your replies, ive got a better Bluetooth speaker and also have a car radio and some speakers that ill hook up and check the power usage. Thanx Dave