2 victron charge controllers


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Question/ opinion

can i use 2 victron charge controllers to charge the same battery banks
One is 150/100 and the other is 100/50



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I have 24x 190ah batteries
12 pairs to make 24volts
Totaling 2280ah and about 1140ah usable


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So, around 54KWh usable... since you are doing the 50% useful, a guess this is lead... it must be a huge bank!

take EXTREME care not to go below what you can COMPLETELY charge the next day... LA, needs to recharge completely to survive... recharging fordays burns them up rapidly...


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Some old pics here attached
14 x240 watt panels
24v -220v 6000w inverter
24v -110 v 3000w inverter
Victron 100/50 and 150/100 charge controllers

im planning to add 1 more bank ( 2 x 190ah) 24v and then split the banks

Victron 150/100 to 10 banks and here the 220v 6000w inverter
Victron 100/50 to the 3 banks with the 110v -3000w inverter


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I have two Victron 100/50 solar charge controllers feeding into a bus bar that then connects to two 12v 280 Ah 4s LiFePO4 batteries. So far, so good.

I have the Victron BMV-712 and it creates a network with the two solar charge controllers. This allows them to "talk" amongst themselves to coordinate charging.
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Yes , i still need the bmv712
I did allready set up the 2 charge controllers to “talk” to each other


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As long as both systems are the same voltage, it is probably best to tie them together. Both charge controllers help charge all of the batteries, and both inverters able to pull power from all of the batteries. The more you can share the load, the easier it is on all components. Even if running both inverters hard, the shared current across all of the batteries will be better for all of them. The only advantage I could see of splitting the systems is in case something fails. Maybe have a disconnect switch to isolate the systems. You can tie together as many charge controllers as you need, up to the maximum charge current of the total battery bank. Even if they don't "talk" to each other, they should all be programmed to the same absorb and float voltages, so even if they switch modes a little off time of each other, it should be fine. The only problem you might run into is when you run an equalize charge on lead acid. If one charge controller goes into equalize, you need to be sure the other controllers can handle the higher voltage.Even if the voltage does not hurt them, they may throw and error and shut down.