200 watt panels?


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What is the consensus on the quality of Rich Solar 200 watt panels?

Is there a better brand you would recommend?

I have limited space and I need to get the most out of it.

I can mount (4) 200w panels on the roof of my SUV with a slight overhang.

I can mount an additional 2 panels stacked (bottom panel slides out) on top of a large cargo box I'm building.

I can carry an additional 2 on the back of the cargo box and manually ground deploy.

The ones mounted on the roof and cargo box will tilt so I can get the most out of them.

I'm only going to buy 4 to start and test and get another 4 later.

I'm ready to order, so I figured I'd see what everyone has to say before doing it. I just want to try avoiding making a purchase and later regretting it.


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What is the consensus on the quality of Rich Solar 200 watt panels?
I think the consensus is that panels are pretty much all the same. Its like comparing gas from different gas stations and asking which is better.

I think the most important thing would be (besides the panels working up to their specs) that you have a way to connect them (series/parallel) in a manner that works with your choice of SCC. And that that SCC works with your choice of batteries.


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I think Rich Solar would be fine.

If ordering online new, I would go with a name brand, not an unbranded panel off E-Bay. I'd also check size compared to output. There is not a huge difference when comparing panels of the same price, and cheaper panels should not push more energy.

I looked at a flat flexible panel on E-Bay that was cheaper and smaller than the name brand panels. That set off red flags that it may be deceptive advertising.

When I was looking, the companies I narrowed my search to were Renogy, SunPower, Rich Solar, and Lions Energy. I ended up purchasing 950 watts from Renogy and 400 watts from Lions Energy. Lions Energy for the portable panels. Renogy just fit the puzzle that was on my roof better.

There's so many different panels out there that you're unlikely to get a response from someone using the exact same panel you want.


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I was looking at HighTec solar panels, but the warranty seems very inferior compared to other panels of equal watts and price. It's only 15 years versus most manufacturers have 25 year warranty.

HighTec warrants 80% output for 10 years and 75% for 15 years per their warranty page.
Newpowa warrants 90% output for 10 years and 80% for 25 years per their product page.
Rich Solar warrants 90% output for 10 years and 80% for 25 years per their warranty FAQ.