Are Edge Clamps Better Than Using Rear Frame Holes?


Solar Addict
I’m getting ready to ground-mount install a bunch of new 320-watt panels to expand our system.

Is there any reason to think that edge clamps are a better way to secure panels than the less expensive approach of using machine screws/nuts through the rear frame holes to secure the panels to struts? Has anyone ever had a problem, or regretted mounting using the pre-slotted rear frame hole?

I used edge clamps for my roof mount because the small clearance between the panels and the roof didn’t allow easy access using frame screws and bolts. Is that the only reason edge clamps are popular?

I’m thinking that if I bolt through the aluminum frame, I might use something like a 3-inch steel strip to spread out the clamping force and reduce any tendancy for the aluminum frame to tear out in case of high wind.


If edge clamping was an option for me, I would take it. Easier, faster. Is it more secure? I suppose that depends on the design of the rack/clamp and the installer.