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BMS with programable relays triggered by external event?


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Mar 4, 2022
Is there is any BMS which can allow a user to control its relays as if they were a multifunction relay and trigger those relays via external input.

I have a batrium core + expansion board already and it allows for two external inputs which I thought would be awesome for future external hardware control ... however it seems those inputs cannot be set to represent custom conditions which would then control one of the 6 relays with any function you set ... ( please correct me if I am wrong)

That is ... if you give a BMS any signal input (we can even limit it to ON or OFF constant voltage for this case) can you then tie that to a relays actions AND control how long the relay is on as well as when it comes on etc.

Right now I have a SMA SI going into two multifunction relays ... one is an ON interval and the other an OFF interval ... there are functions in the Batrium expansion board which do both of these action BUT they are tied to hard coded events which have other downstream effects or are not something you can "listen" to via an external input. ( )

diy solar

diy solar