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Need a guru for service in SE Pennsylvania


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Feb 17, 2024
King of Prussia Pennsylvania
Hi I'm in King of Prussia PA and have an Outback system installed in 2008, and need someone to troubleshoot and get us back up and running.
All the components seem to be working but there is a problem. At least one battery is bad so we need new batteries as well. We upgraded the panels but not keen on replacing the other components since they still work properly with no detectable errors.
Are you looking for someone to install new batteries? Or is there some other problem?

If a guru is unavailable locally perhaps someone on the Forum can help troubleshoot your issue while you do the actual work.
If each component is working, then what is it not doing? Or is it the bad battery that is causing problems? What batteries do you currently have? Upgrade to lifep04 batteries?
Thanx for the replies so far, let me add more info. So the system received new panels and was working fine for 2 years now and then one battery started off gassing and was hot, and the others were hot or very warm as well. The small square TRiMetric device, located above one of the 2 charge controllers stopped working at the same time. So I turned off anything to do with the batteries and let everything cool off, opened windows etc.
I left the solar production on, went upstairs and found some light flickered, opened the fridge and some flickering there...I didn't think it was wise to leave on the solar at all because it looks like the problem runs deeper so it's currently off. I have a feeling that somehow the TRimetric device (even though it just monitors) is wired into the circuit somehow (maybe not completely proper) and since it died the circuit cannot function as before, but that is only a guess.
Honestly, I can perform some tests (probably) but I'm not the best with electrical. I'm not afraid to try, or to pay someone to try haha...
There's no reason it can't be figured out and brought back to working, even if one or more charge controllers needed replacing, which they probably don't.
The batteries are the lead acid kind, like car batteries but double sized, 8 of them and they are kind of old so I wouldn't mind lithium ions if possible.


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diy solar

diy solar