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Dec 1, 2019
Hello all, I am new to Solar, trying to build an emergency/part time solar system, to run a few things all the time and have power
when my power goes out or SHTF.
I'm kind of building Will's, 4,000 watt system and improve on it if that's possible, I know the solar product world is changing rapidly.
I just ordered 16 cells of the Lifepo4 280AH (280LK) and it will take those 2-3 months to arrive.
So now I'm looking at panels, I want to go 24 volt and would like to have about 2,000 watts of panels. I have plenty of open ground to set up the solar panels, I guess I'm asking for info on what panels are the best bang for the buck, and the best way to set them up. I would prefer to use new stuff, I'm in Arkansas and I really am trying to learn all this, spent hours watching vids, but there is a lot to learn and understand.

any advise? comments? snide remarks?
thanks in advance -James


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May 23, 2021
Southern Oregon
One thing I've learned - used panels can be fantastic. You say you have room, so rather than get caught up in the 'latest' / 'largest specs' you can save thousands of $ by going used and putting up more. This year, I bought 40 8yr old 285w used panels from ebay @santansolar and they tested at 95% of original power as compared to a brand-new panel - e.g. as good as new for all practical purposes and good for another 20years?. I lost one out of 40 that was shattered and had to fix a diode on another one - but the price!!!!

Here's an example and here's another (polycrystalline 10% larger footprint for same power as mono - you can see in the pic above) but so cheap -

Not pushing @santansolar, just sharing that legitimate used panels work just as well as new ones but it took me a while to understand this. New ones become used in 2 years :)
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