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Please help an old Disabled Engineer!

Well, the sharp gal at the building department was right. I sent pictures of our attic, roof, my crude one-line plans, schematics, etc. and some money to the PE she suggested in Minnesota. Sure enough, he drew up REAL PLANS including panel placement and BOM, gave the plans the greenlight, and he and another (licensed in Nevada PE) STAMPED the plans !!
Now all I have to do is submit them to Clark County. He says it's 100% they will issue a permit. He has over 1800 approved jobs to his credit including 14 in Nevada. The majority of the jobs to DIY'ers, some to his own company.

Now that everything is greenlighted, all you people out there...anyone want to help me on the roof? No drilling at all (or glue) will be necessary. The PE made sure of that. Yes, wind, seismic, snow loads taken into account. All we have to do is follow the plans.

And I will be sure to post NEGATIVE reviews to ALL of the LAZY PE and supposed contractors engineers out here in Las Vegas who whould not give me the time of day. (Out of their 'COMFORT ZONE') Yeah, right. Take your meter collars and ring your necks with them!

This is a 'partial' list of the naysayers. I did not list any of the ones who were just too lazy to even answer.

Joseph Werdowatz and Associates
Las Vegas Civil Engineers
National Roofing Partners

I had even asked guys I saw on local install jobs if they wanted side work...Oh Heck yeah was the initial reaction...then crickets. REALLY! I'm not that ugly. Just OLD!

So, again, I'm asking for ROOF HELP. 35 PANEL PLACEMENT and install ONLY. Unistrut is the major part in the BOM. Run 3 circuits down the only hole there will be (2 circuits of 7 in series x 2 bank, 1 circuit of 7 in series) Link all the grounds down to my brand new ground rods. My roof is new and strong. So, I need 2 people. Acting as independent contractors.
Also, anyone who has grand ideas on how to get the panels and Unistrut to the roof without a crane or forklift, maybe that takes 3 be it.

Thanks all!
I have no idea about the chicken or the egg.

But my previous statement is a fact.
And you can't debate facts. No matter what perspective you have.
Looking at something differently, doesn't change what it is. It only changes what you see.
You're not woke enough :ROFLMAO:

(I agree with you btw - this whole facts be damned perspective these days is friggin' bonkers and stupid.)
If Nevada is like California, an appropriately licensed contractor can get a permit, or a homeowner can get a permit to do the work by himself and/or his employees (not for a contractor).

If Nevada is like California, you are totally liable for anyone injured on the job, unless there is workers compensation insurance.
If you hire a contractor and he brings employees but doesn't have worker's compensation insurance, you are liable. To protect yourself, you have to ask to have his insurance company send you confirmation of coverage before letting them work.
If you hire employees yourself, you buy worker's compensation yourself.

You are also required to jump through all sorts of authorized to work, income tax, social security tax, etc. stuff. But those are less important. What is most important is worker's compensation insurance because without it you can lose everything you own.
So, again, I'm asking for ROOF HELP.
If I weren't in Thailand, I'd take you up on this. I've done a lot of construction work (in multiple countries), including roofing and electrical/house wiring type work, and am quite comfortable with such work. I've also done satellite dish installations on roofs. BUT....I'm on the other side of the planet.

I sure hope you find someone nearby willing to help you out.

diy solar

diy solar