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Praise for Current Connected for warranty help on SOK 48V100 battery


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Aug 17, 2022
I had an issue with an SOK 48V100 battery and SOK not responding to my warranty request. Dexter at Current Connected responded and asked me to check a few things on the battery. It ended up that Dexter said he would send me a replacement 48V100 battery.

I was happy enough with his response that I ordered another $4,400 worth of equipment for Current Connected earlier in the week.
I've had both good and bad experiences in the past with solar vendors.

Any company can sling products out the door, but a true measure of their service is how they respond when things go wrong.

In a similar fashion, Dexter and Current Connected EARNED 100% of my business long ago.
I have to give an A+ rating to Current Connected, I purchased two of the SK48v100-NCBT batteries and had trouble connecting to the BMS with the Bluetooth app (ABC-BMS). The representative for Current Connection returned my emails in a timely matter and continued to stay in contact via email until I was happily Bluetooth connected again and everything was working proper. Rep was Jason (Thanks again)
Problem: I had two SOK 48V batteries connected to solar that I could not get to connect to my smartphone.
Solution: Disconnect from everything, (Solar Charge Controller, and any loads)
Turn off breakers on the batteries.
Hold the reset on each battery for 15~20 seconds.
Turn breakers back on at battery. (At this time I showed no voltage and the batteries were charged to approx. 80%)
I Jump started the batteries with a LifeP04 Charger, (Only took a few seconds), connected solar charge back up.
Opened ABC-BMS app and was able to find both batteries.
Did happy dance( while no one was looking)!


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diy solar

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