Sigineer 48V 15KW Split Phase


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May 12, 2020
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I have one of the 15KW Sigineer low frequency inverters that I'm thinking about selling. It is brand new and still on the pallet and in the original box that it was shipped in. I'm not going to use it now because I am running a 12kw Growatt low frequency inverter and its doing everything I need it to do and then some. I need to get 1200.00 for it if anyone is interested send me a message. Thanks

15000 Watt Pure Sine Wave AC Coupled Inverter Compatible with tesla car lithium ion battery pack backup 48v to 120/240V 110 / 220v 230V​


Model #: HP15048D
Free shipping to continental US only by freight.

This 15000 watt pure sine wave inverter is off grid, designed to work with grid tie inverters in ac coupled battery backup systems. It works with most batteries on the market and also has one voltage algorithm developed for Tesla Model S battery modules. It is transformer-based with 300% output surge capacity. It converts 48v to 120/240V split phase 60hz/62.5hz. Features include overload, short circuit, over-temperature, under & overvoltage protections. Great for large off grid applications.


Inverter Output Specifications:
• Continuous Output Power: 15000 Watts
• Surge Rating: 45000 Watts (20 Seconds)
• Output Waveform: Pure Sine/Same as input (Bypass Mode)
• Output Voltage: 120/240Vac
• Nominal Efficiency: 90% (Peak)
• Line Mode Efficiency: >95%
• Output Frequency: 60/62.5Hz +/- 0.3Hz
• Typical Transfer Time: 10ms (Max)
• THD: <10%DC

Input Specifications:
• Nominal Input Voltage: 48.0Vdc
• Low Battery Alarm: 42.0Vdc-44.0Vdc
• Low battery Trip: 40.0Vdc-42.0Vdc
• High Voltage Alarm: 64.0Vdc
• Low battery Voltage Restart: 62.0Vdc
• Idle Consumption: 230 Watts
• Power Saver Mode Idle Consumption: 40 Watts

Charger Specifications:
• Output voltage: Depends on battery Type
• Ac Input Voltage For Charger: Nominal 240Vac (164-243Vac+/-4%)
• Charger Rate: 100Amp
• OverCharge Protection Shutdown: 62.8V
• Selectable Charge setting based on battery type
• Adjustable charge current: off-20%-100%
• Four Stage Smart Charger

• Unit Weight: 182 lbs/83KG
• Unit Size L x W x H: 28 x 16.3 x 8.8 inches/706*415*232mm
• Shipping Weight: 210lbs/94KG
• Shipping L x W x H:36 x 21.25 x 16 inches/900*540*430mm


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Feb 24, 2022
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They are still available. I don't know about the one from hotrod. My interest was in AC Coupling. Been emailing with them for a week.

My SMA -41 is reported to be compatible in AC Coupling with the M6048D, HP12048D and HP15048D. The MPPT part will not function in AC Coupling. The AC Out from the SMA is sharing the AC Out of the Sigineer. AC In of the Sigineer is NOT connected, or you let the smoke out.

Using a DC control relay shuts the Sigineer down at battery cutoff. Here is a slim doc from them using the ESS tower:

I have to save up for the Sigineer, so I won't be trying this out right away. Anybody else try it yet?

Sigineer manual:
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Nov 21, 2020
I have the sigineer 15kw in a AC coupled configuration with generator support. The outdoor ground mount is a10kw solaredge HD. It feeds to the left 200 amp panel. The generator (currently not connected to the sigineer relay) is the center box that feeds to a 100 amp breaker in each panel. The sigineer feeds to the right panel. Batteries behind the wall.

It is not running in the picture. Just showing setup. It does AC couple, and the solaredge works just fine. When the generator turns on, the solaredge turns off for 5 minutes, then turns back on synced up to the generator. The inverter controls the generator based on battery voltage. There is a weird lag each time it switches. Need more batteries. It also make a low frequency hum sound that is not a problem, just noticeable in the stairwell behind the wall.

It works, and works well as an AC couple device. I use it only as a backup - not full time. It will power the entire house, and has no problem starting any load.

I will note it is darn heavy. Took 3 people to hang on the wall.


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Nov 30, 2021
These inverters are Transformer based sinewave inverters and are very large and heavy.(y)

If anyone is interested I have the BMS protocol from Sigineer so you can line that up with your BMS so it can talk to it. attached pdf is the protocol. It used RS485 L01 through L50 and CAN L51 through L99.


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