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Sol Ark Battery Settings for SOK


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May 5, 2020
I have a 12K grid tied selling nothing back to the grid with 8 SOK 100ah batteries. The 'shutdown' is set to 20%. The 'Low bat' is set to 20% and the 'restart' is set to 25%. I previously had 5 batteries in a stack and added 3 more a couple of months ago. The batteries are linked together as they should be and connected to Sol Ark via the CAN/bus port.

What seems to happen now with the 8 batteries, especially during periods of high use is that the SOC will go down as low as 9% before switching over to the grid. This never happened with 5 batteries.

I believe the reason is that in the battery settings the 'Use Batt V charged' is checked (and not the 'Use Batt % charged'). However, when I try to change the settings, it won't save them and reverts back to 'Use Batt V charged' setting.

Do I have a problem? Is it better to use the voltage than the % SOC to determine when to shut the battery down or vice versa?

Thanks in advance for the input.