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Top balance question: is it safe to charge LIFEPO4 with multiple bench power supplies?


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Jan 13, 2021
Hi everyone,
I have 4 x 280ah cells coming from Basen and will plan to top balance them in parallel when they arrive without BMS. I have 2 power supplies as shown in pic attached with 5A max per unit. I am planning to set Voltage to 3.5V first and charge using both PS at the same time. Once they reach 3.5, i will continue to up the Voltage to 3.65V and just use one PS to charge. Is it safe to charge 2 PS at the same time? is there any potential issue i should be aware of? Many thanks!


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Do the supplies have a constant current mode? I think that is necessary to parallel them. Even just to use them as a battery charger.

You could use each supply for 2 cells, then they aren't paralleled.

Have you seen the suggestion to connect cells in series, with a BMS to watch cell voltages & disconnect as necessary, and charge that way first?
Given voltage/current limit of supply, will probably be four times as fast.
Once you've got them near full, connect in parallel (using some technique to avoid high current I guess) and finish top balancing in parallel.

diy solar

diy solar