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diy solar

What does this look like to you?


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Sep 8, 2021
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So I've driven past the old Newport News building a few times this week and since the place closed down it's been seriously re-vamped. I've got my suspicions as to what they're doing there, but I want to know y'alls thoughts. I've come up with bupkiss looking for news so... Hmmmm.... :unsure:

20230926_174451.jpg 20230926_174454.jpg

20230926_174455.jpg 20230926_174456.jpg
I don't know what the loaders are for, but this looks to be an industrial UPS with power transformers in the the foreground. I don't know the conveyor are for. This could be anything from mining, to metal production. ore extraction, etc.

Given that it is Newport News, I am guessing the Union Carbide Manganese Plant. Either way they are using a lot of power from what is in the foreground.
It is the new processing plant for cyberdyne systems manufacturing plant. The time travel facilities will be delivered shortly.
I'll give y'all a hint: It's not on the same side of the country as the Newport shipyards and we're too far from the water to have a naval base.