What happened to Will’s Live Stream?


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Last night I saw Will was doing a live stream and figured he would post it later as he normally does. It isn’t showing up on YouTube.

Just curious what is going on and the break in videos.


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That video was 3 months ago.
Live stream was last night so Will deleted it like he often does for various reasons that i wont speculate on.
I guess I am the unofficial Will spokesperson. Haha
oops, my bad. I started to watch it last night myself.


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I was in the middle of watching the replay and he made the video private and it disappeared lol. But here's what I remember:
  1. Got Lasik
  2. Bought new home and has been doing a lot of work on it. It's huge and has a dedicated 1000 sq ft electronics lab room
  3. Has girlfriend
  4. Is coming back soon

Will Prowse

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Yep! 😂 And the livestream was somewhat personal, so I took it down. I try to keep the channel focused on solar or energy storage.

And I shared personal opinions on various topics. I see that as a liability to leave posted on the internet.

But I'm doing great! Just extremely busy