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Xantrax freedom x1200 showing e04 code


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Mar 12, 2024
Dutchess county ny
My xantrax x1200 is showing a high temp code but the unit had less than 500w on it and was in a 37* enclosure with none of its vents blocked. It shut down 5x in one day with this code until I switched to generator power. Then later in the day I had it on and not pulling a load from it for a few hours with no issues. Anyone else have problems with a similar xantrax freedom X unit?
I have narrowed the failure down to the inverter. With no load on the AC side it will still randomly throw this AC overload fault.

Yes the fans are running. I reset to factory default settings and disconnected the inverter from the batteries with no luck.

I have a new/used xantrax x1200 coming in a few weeks.

Solar dosnt do you any good when you cant use il be running off generator power for a bit.

diy solar

diy solar