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  • Hunter Biden's Laptop is Russian Disinformation.

    Lefties never explained and the 50 "intelligence officials" never explained what the backstory would look like if Hunter's laptop is Russian disinformation so help me out here. The Russians generated a bunch of photos, videos and emails of Hunter doing hookers, blow, crack etc and wrote tens of...
  • Rainy day solar production.

    Open circuit voltage. ~130. 9 x 275 watt panels = 2475 watts Current total and output for the day @ 11:00 AM. Gen should fire itself up soon.
  • AMP hour rating and voltage. When is a battery dead?

    If I have a flooded lead acid battery with a 240 amp hour rating or whatever, what will the terminal voltage be after pulling 240 AMP hours out of the battery? In other words when a manufacturer is calculating AMP hours to put on the sticker, they start with a fully charged battery and place a...
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  • Victron Multiplus, manually toggling built-in relays

    As the title stated, how do you manually toggle the built-in relays or can that even be done? 24/3000 Multiplus permanently hooked into a PC running both Victron Connect and VEConfig.
  • Lithium VS Lead Acid and Series VS Parralell.

    Hello. You're not supposed to parallel lead-acid batteries due to cell imbalance issues that can crop up. Does this hold true with lithium as well? My system is 12V. I currently have 3 8D FLA batteries in parallel. I would like to keep the rest of my equipment and change over to Lithium...
  • Fried my Victron Orion 24 to 12 V 80 amp converter. Help with Mosfet replacement.

    Oops. Had a battery on the output of this and connected Positive to negative for split second. Big spark and then smoke. One thing that surprised me is that it kept generating heat and smoking until I disconnected the 24V input. It didn't pop it's internal fuses. I was expecting more disaster...
  • Adding a battery charger to Multiplus AC output 2.

    Have a bigger non-inverter generator now and want to increase charging power to shorten run times and take advantage of extra power, save fuel etc etc... I want to add an EG4 24V 35 amp charger to the 2nd a/c output of the Multiplus. This output is only active when the generator is running...
  • When daly bms shuts off charge mosfet due to low temp, the amps-in reading goes to 74 amps even though no charging is taking place.

    It's night time. There are 2 amps leaving the battery. The charge mosfet is off. If I reset bms it reads normal until low temp shutoff kicks in and I get the reading below. It shows 70 amps in.
  • Another school shooting. 17 year old kid. Shot himself at the end. 1) Too much internet usage 2) Probably prescribed SSRI'S. If you think the covid cover-up is bad, look at how many hands there in prescribing...
  • Please reccomend a shunt or inductive for measuring small current/wattages.

    Hello. On my 12 system, I want to measure small current draws (like a few watts). This does NOT have to handle full draw but maybe a max of like 10-20 amps between the equipment I want to measure and the battery. With that said, does the victron or someone else's smart shunt catch draws that...
  • Daly BMS still accepting charge when "ChargeMos" is off due to low temperature and shunt reading goes cuckoo when "ChargeMos" is off.

    Posted this in the BMS forum but I think that sub doesn't get the traffic. Anyways. This was at night. There is a constant draw of 2 amps leaving the battery. The "Chargemos" shut down due to low temperature and the amps into battery reading shot up to 70 but there is obviously no charging...
  • Panel array Voltage VS battery voltage and charging efficiency.

    A Victron rep told me on a Youtube video that wiring your panels for the highest overall voltage nets you the best overall efficiency. The reason being that charging starts earlier in the day. I have a charge controller with a 150V input limit and my panels are 3 series at 44.4 volts for 135...
  • Can you get historical data from an Epever controller?

    I access my controller through a cellular connection and remote desktop so I didn't want to tinker without asking questions. Can you download or view daily harvest data? If so, how do you do it?
  • Victron Multiplus 24/3000 bent during handling. Any issues?

    Bought this off ebay. It's "new unused" for $1000.00. I'm guessing the seller got it because the original dealer noticed it was damaged and got rid of it or something. Do you think this will cause any issues? Haven't fired it up yet. I guess I'll take at least one side off and see if the circuit...
  • Calculating Amps from Millivolts

    I have a shunt installed just before my batteries. I have a small standby loaf between 40 and 60 watts and I would like to figure out exactly how much it is. Using a voltmeter and the shunt, how can I calculate the standby draw? Yes I could also use the meter itself but that's too easy. I want...
  • Progressive Dynamics PD9270. How low does battery voltage have to be in order to go into boost mode?

    Hello. This system isn't vehicle mounted but this charger is for RV's so I thought maybe you guys know. What battery voltage or logic does the PD9270 use to go into boost mode? As of now I am letting the system drop to 12.0 volts and then starting the generator. The system goes into "normal"...
  • What is the ending terminal voltage of an amp hour test?

    A Manufacturer of FLA acid starts an Amp hour test to see what rating to give the battery. They start the test with a full charged battery and end the test when the terminal voltage reaches......?
  • In what way could an inverter fail that would cause it to fry motors without going overvoltage?

    1) Microwave transformer burned up. Thought it had just suffered under voltage. 2) Noticed when I was using my shop vac, the motor speed all of a sudden drops and it makes a burning smell, then after about 20 seconds it speeds back up to normal and burning smell goes away. Thus happens...
  • What's my 24V pack missing?

  • Running a Welder off Victron Multiplus 3kw

    Good Morning. I have a few little repairs/modifications to make at the cabin. A small Lincoln welder runs off my inverter generator but I would say its nothing short of abuse of here-said generator when I do. It see-saws up and down rapidly and incoherently as the current draw rapidly...
  • Remote monitoring, just use a PC?

    Why do you guys use Pi, cloud services etc when you can just use a cheap PC and log into it via any remote desktop app or program and look at your stuff that way? I have a $100.00 mini pc with everything hooked into it and I just google remote desktop and I can access the pc with any android...
  • When using Lithium batteries, why does the BMS need to talk to whatever is charging/discharging it?

    So I'll be upgrading my system in the spring to 24 volts and Victron Multiplus. Currently have an Epever 100 AMP CC and progressive dynamics RV converter handling the charging. I'll be upgrading to lithium, the multiplus and keeping the EPEVER CC. Why does or should the lithium batteries...
  • Well pump know-it-alls, I have a question

    Where is the suction level on this pump? This is in a cistern tank. The pump is protected by a pumptec. The water level got down to where it is in the photo. The pumptec makes a loud snarling noise for about 3 seconds then stops and no output from pump. should the water level even be allowed...
  • Victron multiplus charger only mode. Will the programmable relays still operate in this mode?

    Hello. When in charger only mode, do the programmable relays still activate? I want the multiplus to close the Gen start relay when the battery is low and charge it up then turn the relay back off. What is the idle draw when in charger only mode?
  • Multiplus 24/3000 wire entrance hole size

    Does anybody know the hole diameters? I already took the thing out to my cabin and I'll be using some cord that's too large for the included gland nuts so I need to stop at home depot to get some clamps. I don't see it listed in the drawings in the online manual either. Thanks. If worse...
  • Cheapest way to adapt 750MCM triplex al to 350MCM lugs.

    Need to upsize cable for voltage drop on 350' run. In line splices are incredibly expensive. Are you allowed to use 750KCML to replace the feed thru lugs on any panel or do the lugs have to be produced and approved by the panel manufacturer?
  • EPEVER 100 AMP, why would my CC output more when battery voltage is increased by an alternate charging source?

    To clarify, winter doldrums are knocking down harvest. Ill get exact numbers tommorrow, but my EPEVER will be charging at say 4.5 AMPS @ 12 volts (pitiful), battery voltage will be like 12.4. I'll fire up the generator which then powers an a/c charger which then makes the battery voltage come...
  • Los Angeles shoplifting mobs. This is actually disturbing to watch.
  • Daly BMS let cell voltage drop to 1.5 Volts, are the cells now toast?

    So ongoing issues with this bms. The generator at the sight has failed and its winter so not enough charging. Unfortunately I cannot make it out there until Friday night. So as you can see, Discharge Mos is off but the bms shows a 70 amp charge even though no though no charging source is being...
  • Lipo4 cells discharged to 1.5 volts, are they toast?

    Asking this twice since it will maybe get attention here. The short. My cells discharged to 1.5 volts overnight. Generator failed. BMS failed to stop allowing discharge. Can these cells be recovered? I can make an emergency trip today, maybe with a suitcase generator otherwise not until...
  • How does the SOC shown on my Multiplus stay so close to the SOC shown by the BMS?

    How do they stay so close? At no time have I ever done anything to set 100% soc on either device and the bms doesn’t talk to the multiplus.
  • Daly BMS Soc showing zero after adjusting "current sampling res"

    Ok. So I adjusted it to 6 then to 2 because the current readings were all over the place. Then the SOC dropped from 100% to zero. What's the fix and how do I get the thing to read current accurately?
  • Where is the DALY BMS software? All I found were a bunch of zip files that don't do anything.

    Where can software that will work be downloaded from?
  • Housing Costs

    At your current WAGE, could you afford the house you're currently living in at it's current market value? How much has your house(s) appreciated since purchase?
  • EM5000SX, modify for auto start and run off aux tank.

    So some of these open frame Hondas have auto choke. Thus makes them super easy to turn into auto start. This one also has a 6 pin connector designed to hook into a WIRED remote control panel which also makes it easier. Modifications: 1) Interrupt starter cranking once voltage is present on 12V...
  • Homemade lithium Jump Box or battery booster...whatever name tickles your fancy

     So Im thinking. You need a bms for charging the thing up but there aren't really any BMS that can deliver the current I would want. So I think the jumper leads should bypass the bms. Has anyone constructed one of these things? A case for an old one would work great. 4 of these little guys...
  • EG4 12V server rack batteries, can these but put in series for 24V? Can these be used in series to get 24V? It doesn't say you can but it also doesn't say no?
  • Using a standard 3 stage RV charger for charging lithium.

    Why can't these be used or can they? Battery manufacturer specifies 14.6-14.6 charging voltage and float at 13.8. I can set my MPPT solar controller to this no problem. My RV Battery charger is only used for rebulking the batteries when I am there using the cabin or when it's too cloudy to...

diy solar

diy solar