Growatt ShineStick Connectivity Issues


New Member
Sep 16, 2021
First, let me say, the product setup documentation is aweful for this product. This can’t hold a candle to Enphase monitoring with even 5 year old gateways. Overall, it seems that monitoring is an afterthought for Growatt, strangely for a good inverter with an affordable price point.
After some frustration, the stick was setup and connected to the US Growatt server. The strange behavior I found was that the stick would stop sending data to the web server and the IOS app. The device would remain on the local lan with the proper flashing blue light and responding to icmp ping requests. This could happen minutes, hours or days between power-cycling the stick by unplugging and plugging back into the router, all the while missing more trend data from the plant.
So, anyone else have these kind of issues staying connected to the US Growatt server and not having your plant showing up as offline?