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How to monitor locally (without cloud)?


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Aug 17, 2022
Hello Solar Braintrust,

I currently have a small (1.26 KW) all-Victron system and monitor it using Victron's VRM and a Raspberry Pi running Venus OS. Works amazingly well. Planning an off-grid home and barn with construction starting this spring, and trying to decide between Victron or EG4, but that's a different topic/debate. What I'm wondering about here is whether anyone offers a monitoring system that can work without a cloud (internet) connection. What I'm after is a way to see my local solar data (e.g., battery SOC, current and total solar production, current loads, etc.), over just my local network, without the need for it to pass through a remote server, even if I need to run a small computer on just the local network to enable this. In other words, without cloud dependency. I have enough skill to copy/paste (I got Venus OS running on the RPi), but I don't have coding skills. Thanks in advance for ideas and tales of firsthand experience.
over just my local network, without the need for it to pass through a remote server, even if I need to run a small computer on just the local network to enable this
If your Solar equipment (AIO/ BMS etc.) has a UART serial port, you can easily configure an ESP32 local web server, to serve a webpage with most of the monitoring stats you mentioned (e.g., battery SOC, current and total solar production, current loads, etc.)
There is a HUGE difference between Victron (Premium Mercedes) & EG4 (Ford escort).
With your Home Lan/WIFI you don't need web BUT it will not be accessible outside of your plan.
The Raspi's can host the webpages (Victron SW) and show you that info. I am a bit out of date as they have updated their software quite a bit recently. At one point you needed a 2nd raspi but that went away. Basically, you just log into the Raspi Host using the IP Address:port and you see everything via your web-browser.

Check this out for more clarity. (He's an Ozzie and talks fast, so be patient)
The Victron Cerbo/Venus OS can give you access to the remote console over your local network without the need of the internet. Depending on the device, some have Bluetooth capabilities to see historical data for the past 30 days or so. I don’t believe there’s a way to see the same VRM data though without internet access.

I believe that EG4 has a way to view data locally, but I’m not sure how much data is visible.

The only monitoring solution that I’ve used that shows you the same info offline or online was Solar Assistant. All your data remains on your pi.
I have a SunGoldPower 10kw AIO and 6 EG4 LifePower4 batteries. Because the SGP AIO could not communicate directly with the batteries I had to add an EG4 Communications Hub. Because the Hub freed up a communications port on the batteries I am able to monitor the inverter (PV output via the inverter as well) and all 6 batteries (individually) using two RS485 to USB converter cables into Solar Assistant

Bottom line. If you do not want to stay with Victron just ensure the Inverter and Batteries have ALL the communication ports necessary for monitoring with Solar Assistant.

For example some batteries (SOK and SGP) have 3 RS485 ports and 1 RS232 port which allow for battery to battery, battery to inverter and battery to Solar Assistant (with the correct cables).

Research.... Come back here with a list and diagram of your components and make us all jealous.
Another vote for Solar Assistant, just bought the software yesterday and installation on a Raspberry Pi 4 was easy. Hint: the video (kiosk) UI is slow and buggy, use the web interface. If it’ll talk to your inverter it’ll be fine, and then you can integrate that with Home Assistant if you find that useful. Don’t believe their website on inverter and battery compatability, just try it and see. For instance, GoodWe inverters aren’t listed as supported or not on their website, but you can select GoodWe inverters in the latest release and it finds them and allows you to select them, but apparently supports their ES only. 🤷‍♂️
Is this what you’re looking for?

Thanks, all. Very helpful. Knowing that solar assistant can work offline on the local network basically tells me I can monitor without much issue. And if I stay with Victron, knowing the Cerbo GX can work without an internet connection is also very useful. I’m a big fan of VRM, but if they one day change their model, or if I do switch to something else, I want to be able to monitor without the cloud.
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You don't need anything new. You already have Venus OS installed and in your local network. You easily connect to remote console via your Internet browser on your PC or mobile.

Well, I'll be darned. THANKS! That was handy! Not quite the pretty graphs of VRM, but everything I need to manage the system even if my internet connection goes down, or if Victron ever changes their model.