New Y&H split-phase 10kW hybrid inverter

Trying to order from SRNE direct... Still a few hundred cheaper than any US outlets.
I'll start a new thread here soon...
I’m sure you read the other thread…

Just be certain the final price you pay includes any duty or taxed due prior to delivery…

Looking forward to hearing about your experience as it unfolds…
They have UL.

They do not support export limiting with external CT sensors or power meters.
The one on amazon from Y&L has UL Listing? It's not listed on their ad, or visible in any of the pictures.
The one on amazon from Y&L has UL Listing? It's not listed on their ad, or visible in any of the pictures.
SRNE has UL certification and the inverter itself is almost certainly labeled UL.

Other rebadgers have sent me their UL certificates which are all in SRNE’s name.

So whether Y&H can also send you their copy of SRNE’s UL certification or not, I cannot say, but the inverter itself is almost certainly labeled UL.

Here is SRNE’s manual:

In the ‘Datasheet’ at the end, ‘Certification’ on the last page includes:

Safety: IEC62109-1, IEC62109-2, UL1741

All the rebadgers generally just use the manufacturers manual, sometimes replacing ‘SRNE’ with their own name.

So the manual you get from Y&H almost certainly includes this same ‘Safety’ section on the ‘Datesheet.

If you ask Y&H for a link to the manual before purchasing the inverter, you can probably confirm this at low risk even if they know nothing about the inverter they are (re)-selling having UL certification…

Here is Y&Hs website:

They appear to include a manual download for all of their hybrid inverters, but the new split-phase model is not there (perhaps because the website lists prices in Euros and appears to be aimed at the European single-phase market…).
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Attached is a copy of the manual SRNE sent me through Alibaba last night/this morning. Pg 42 has the UL1741 listed.


  • SRNE ASF v2.3.pdf
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That is a single-phase model - not really relevant to this thread (oh, just saw you already noted that).

And also, zero-export is probably less descriptive than ‘zero-export to CT’ or ‘export to CT’…
I seen zero export mentioned by someone else before I commented. Zero export to Ct is what the inverter in the link I shared has. If merely trying to use the zero export to Ct functionality to cover all of the splitphase main panels 240v and 120v loads, then all that is needed is a single phase zero export grid tie inverter.
Didn't will hate this this thing when he reviewed it as a megarevo?
The thread is not about a Megarevo inverter - it is manufactured by SRNE.

Y&H rebadged inverters manufactured by several manufacturers, and they may well offer an inverter manufactured by Megarevo as well.

But the new 10kW (5+5kW) HF split-phase hybrid inverter Y&H is offering is manufactured by SRNE (the same manufacturer behind Midnight Solar’s DIY inverter series…).