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Good deals on LiFePO4 batteries


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Nov 29, 2023
New Hampshire, USA
I came across a good deal on eBay today on some batteries and wanted to share.
And I figured this could also be used as a perpetual thread where we talk about goo deals we've found, recommended brands and vice versa which to stay away from.
I would humbly suggest this variant because they're easily stackable, same coupon code and final price:

I have 2x of a slightly older ecoworthy 48v 50AH design. No issues for almost a year. Moderate usage. Outside of winter they experience daily cycling from 100% to around 20% with around a 15 amp load on the two of them (1500 watt air conditioner split between 2 batteries). Capacity seems on point and possibly a bit more than they advertise.
I was looking at those last night and unless it was me being overtired and not realizing it, I would have sworn that those were over $100 more expensive.
Price must've changed since.

Yeah I would use those instead.

This would make a nice little system-

3000W 48V GroWatt AIO $499 shipped
6,000W surge
50Ah 48V EcoWorthy LiFePO4 (2x) $735 shipped ($367.5 each)
4,800kWh of battery capacity

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Not bad. Didn’t click buy but they seem like they’d be neat for a cart build for someone
Is there any app or software available for these batteries?
They look like a great way to upgrade a Ryobi 48V mower but I can't find anything that would let you know exactly what the BMS is seeing.
The specs also appear to be different based on where you look. Sometimes it says 200a peak, other places 300a peak.
eBay has the 15% off deal for Refurb stuff again.

Which you may not want to necessarily buy refurb batteries, but inverters or Power Stations or any other electronics stuff may be available.
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eBay has another 20% deal with these again (code is HOT20DEALS), but it's not as sweet as the original, a single dchouse for $391.99, a single ecoworthy for $395.99, or an ecoworthy 4 pack for $1,519.20 ($379.80 each).
48V ECO Worthy or DCHouse battery compatible with most solar inverter, straight forward plug in and work w/o adding any safety measure?
I would try the victron line of shunts, I am using the wonvon 400a knockoff and whenever I set any of the protection parameters, the next time I connect through the app it resets the ah to 100% regardless of the actual %. I've been looking at the included monitor say 53% and then open the app and it changes to 100% when the app connects. support surprisingly reached out to me and have tried helping to fix the issue but nothing positive yet. Besides that issue they've been great haha. Stick with victron shunts.

diy solar

diy solar