How many mppt inpust should I use?


Solar Addict
Hi all

I have a Solax boost 3.6kW inverter, dual mppt trackers with oversized 14x350watt sunpower (4.97kw) PV all in one orientation currently in a single string to one mppt input.
This is a matched kit supplied by a well known UK company btw.

Is it best to use both mppt inputs and split the string down to two?

The reason I ask is i seem to be maxing out at exactly half the rated output of the inverter even during excellent conditions, the supplier said to use a single input which I have done with one single cable run, the manual doesn't state either way and if there is a limit on each mppt input or whether a single mppt input can support the full 3.6kW output.

Anyone have any info before i run more cable out