I need some help with my Schneider System


XW+ 6848
Nov 25, 2023
I have the Schneider XZ+ 6848 with 2 MPPT 80 600 connected to 10 solar panels each of two sets of 5 panels and should see about 300 Volts at 3000 Watts on a sunny day. I also have the Insight Home unit connected but I see no solar PV Volts or power on the displays - what could the reason be?
I can measure the 300 Volts coming into the Schneider MPPT's but the display have with the Insight Home device I see nothing on for solar energy.
I use the latest firmware 1.09.00.BN6 for the MPPT's and con not on the System Control Panel (SCP) set the MODE to anything - i see MODE and the () two parentheses but not Standby or Operating inside the parentheses is missing. Why is this the case? Is the firmware to blame? I can not find any old firmware for the MPPT to try and see if I get Standby or Operating so I can get it going.
With all the comments that Schneider Technical Support is so bad what should I do?
Yes I do have two banks of 48 Volt batteries tied to the system and I am able to read the battery as 54 Volt max and also slightly below if not charged.
Does anyone have and can share an old firmware for the Schneider MPPT 80 600? I have 1.09.00.BN6 which seems to have a problem with the MODE setting as it does not show either Standby or Operational. I would like to try 1.07.00.BN1 or something older as the new one does not work for me. Also why does the MPPT by itself go to Disabled at night and never comes back to Operational?
Can you share pictures of you set up or a wiring diagram? Do you have the xanbus cables connected with a terminating resistor at the opposite end from the Insight?

I'd recommend editing "Schneider" or something about the specific equipment into the title of the thread. There's plenty of Schneider equipment around here, but a title with just "help" doesn't grab them.

Support for the SCP has been dropped from more recent firmware, I wouldn't make too many conclusions from the "mode" thing it displays. Actually, at least while troubleshooting, I'd remove it and use only the Insight.

You measured 300vdc from solar. Can you check the polarity? Also check battery voltage and polarity at the MPPT.

@pvdude I know has Schneider charge controllers
Yes I have the xanbus cables connected with terminator at the end. The SCP has firmware 02.05.00 and seems to work ok. Polarity is ok on the two MPPT's as I have checked it several times - on a sunny day being 300+ Volts with the correct polarity. Battery voltage is max 54 Volts and is correct.
Thank you for all things I need to check.
Data is showing for both Schneider MPPT's but no function from solar panels even though they produce 350 Volt into the MPPT's

The battery 54.4V and 0C are interesting.
You don't mention battery chemistry. If LiFePO4, do you have a battery low temp condition?

You said 54V is your max. So 54.4V is full and should not charge.

What are your inverter grid vs battery settings?
This could be the grid support type issue. The MPPT's look like they might be in some kind of standby or non-charging state.

It's something like you need charging set to 3 stage, and you need them to be in one of the stages including float, and you need to set grid support volts to 64v.
The batteries are Lithium (LiFeYPO4 at 3.3 V 160 AH and 2 sets in parallel) but where the 0 Celsius comes from is a question to me as the batteries are at 70 F (inside). I am not on the grid until early Dec. The Schneider MPPT's are Operating but Let me ask if I should have the Charger Enable/Disable in the Enable position? It says NO to this question. And YES the MPPT's are set to 3 stage working.
Why do I need to set Grid Support Volts to 64 Volts - please explain as I have it set to 53 Volts now (and not yet supporting the grid)
The power flow screenshot shows AC1 input, is that grid or a generator or something?

I'm not certain where you're seeing charger enable/disable, but I would think yes it should probably be enabled.

I cannot explain Schneider's logic about the 64v thing.
The Charger is now Enabled - is that required? The system is getting power from the grid - but I am not selling to the grid until sometime in December as it is not yet hooked up with 2 meters by the power company.
So, you had the charger turned off and were wondering why it wasn't working?
Yes, enable the charger. Disabling is an option for testing/troubleshooting.

Try forcing a bulk charge.
Thank you for your comments - the house takes all energy from the grid and I wonder why? The InsightHome shows no solar energy coming in although I have 350+ Volts at the MPPT. What am I missing?
Also I am not able in any manner to downgrade the InsideHome firmware to 1,14 from 1.18 now - any ideas? I have the older XW+6848 and am told to use 1.14
The InsightHome shows no solar energy coming in although I have 350+ Volts at the MPPT. What am I missing?
I'm gonna get a little critical here, with the intention to do so helpfully. You need to change your approach and raise your expectation of and respect for complexity in this system. We are not troubleshooting a space heater or a toaster here, this is a device that is operating on complex, opaque, and downright confusing logic. Even those who throw themselves wholeheartedly into understanding the Schneider controls will still face significant hurdles in trying to get it to do what they want.

The MPPT is going to start charging for two logical reasons, either because the battery is ready for charge and it is instructed to charge it, or because there are loads on the XW+ and it is instructed to support them. Particularly the latter function rests on using a very specific configuration, including the 64v secret menu item, that you will need to humbly approach and try to work with. If you want to commiserate that the Schneider controls are frustrating, I will do that with you, but then we will have to go back to working with them anyway.

Are you unsure of where to find the firmware, or how to apply it to the InsightHome?

Here is v1.17 which is what I use with my XW+ and I am able to simply apply it with the firmware update option. If you cannot do the same, I suggest posting a screenshot of the error message or where you get stuck in the process.

If you do want to bang on it with a logic hammer, shut off the grid input breaker, as the batteries start to run down the MPPT's will probably go into a charge, unless they are really extremely weirdly configured.
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In reading through this thread, there are a couple points of clarity I'd like to see.

#1) It sounds like your batteries are fully charged (54.4v), is this correct?

#2) It sounds like you do not want to sell back to the grid, is this correct?

#3) Do you have a decent load setup on the AC Out connection (ie, critical loads panel). I'd start with like 1,000w or so.

#4) Do you see the MPPT producing power, when there is a load on the critical loads panel? or still 0w?

#5) On the insightlocal UI, when you click on the inverter > status > advanced, can you screenshot that, and post it here?

#6) Likewise MPPT > status > screenshot?

#7) is the MPPT showing voltage, and 0 amps? or nothing at all?

#8). In my experience "Charger Enable/Disable" in the MPPT config screen makes zero practical difference. I've talked to one of the engineers at schnieder about this, and he had no explanation. But as an example, right now my MPPT 80 600 shows it "disabled" via the toggle, but it's producing 2.1kw of power.
Here is v1.17 which is what I use with my XW+ and I am able to simply apply it with the firmware update option. If you cannot do the same, I suggest posting a screenshot of the error message or where you get stuck in the process.

Thx for the info. I'll download this version also. Are there any issues you know of with either firmware version when using with the XW+?