Tacklife solder sleeves: Gimmick or next best thing?

Gimmick or next best things?

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Works in theory! Practice? That's something else
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Not really a new concept, just wondering if anyone uses them and prefers them.


What, me worry?
I have not used one of these so my 'meh' vote is a bit uneducated. I do admit it looks interesting for signal wires (I would not use them for a high current wire). Maybe if I tried a few I might change my mind.

The thing is, I don't use butt connectors very often When I can I will replace the whole length of wire rather than do a but connection. (Admittedly there are times where that is impractical and a butt connector is called for, but it does not happen often in the projects I do.) I just did a *very* brief search for the equivalent for lugs or ring terminals and did not see any..... but that may only mean I did not look hard enough.


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I have used them. They work well and leave a moisture proof seal on the wires which is important around here where it rains all the time, except today.


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nothing new at all, been around for ages...
I have them and use them for low voltage signal wires where I will have to have a connection in a wet place and cannot replace the entire wire.


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I’ve tried these and the biggest issue is not the sleeve itself, it’s damage to the insulation of the two wires where they enter the sleeve. A little too much from the heat gun and you end up with a mess. Then there is the question of the solder joint — is it fully wetted? Hard to tell under that foggy plastic goo.

I vote gimmic.


I have to wonder what type of solder is being used. To melt from just a heat gun, is it a low temp solder? Is that any good?

I have no soldered connections in my RV trailer. I'm lousy at soldering, so a butt connector is my connection method of choice when I have to join two wires.


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Not really a new concept, just wondering if anyone uses them and prefers them.
I have used them for low current applications. I never use butt connectors. As an electronics technician, I can tell you a crimp, as well as a solder connection, is just designed to keep the copper conductors connected. A butt connector does not do that as the copper does not contact.