A Generator Brief for Enphase's Ensemble


Works in theory! Practice? That's something else
Sep 20, 2019
Key Largo
Enphase has a preliminary brief for Generator support with Ensemble coming out in Q3. User controlled via the Enlighten app via the Envoy.

Looks like it has a few modes (e.g., you can set the generator to autostart/stop based on SoC or conditions, user-controlled, quiet-time, exercise (periodically runs the generator for 15 min as required by the manufacturer) ). It connects to the Enpower.

Both the PV and the generator can charge the batteries at the same time without any worry of back-feeding the generator. But, when the system is on grid, the use of a generator is not allowed in parallel with the grid.

They've a list of "tested" units, but it looks like it's compatible with any:
  • 240V L-L split phase with neutral
  • < 1% voltage regulation
  • < .5% frequency regulation
  • < 25% THD.
  • Two-wire or auto-sense start

You can go smaller, but for Microgrid stability, there's a suggested minimum generator size:
If you go smaller you need to configure it with the toolkit so it doesn't run the generator at high loads for extended times.

Check out the Enlighten screen, in the live status the generator is supplying .7 kW and the PV 7.4 kW.