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JBD bms SP24S004 vs AP21S001


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Mar 12, 2023
I have a small home storage and try to choose a new BMS for it.
My previous BMS was JK, and it does not work good.
So now I want to try another vendor - JBD.

My setup is 24v pack of 8 EVE 280Ah LiFePo4 batteries. Hybrid inverter is 3200W rated and has max 60A charge current and near 130A for discharge.
So I looked at the 150A Smart BMS.

I am looking for two models - SP24S004 and AP21S001.
I tried to compare their differences using documentation, but it doesn't help much because I don't know which of them are the most important for my case.

AP21S001 ($101.61) SP24S004 ($87.90) NTC | 1 built-in, 2 ext | 1 built-in, 4 ext UART (non-isolated) | Optional | Standard History storage | No | Supported Pre-discharge function | No | Supported Buzzer | No | Optional 485 (isolated) | Optional | Standard UART (isolated) | Optional | No CAN | Optional | Supported Heating function | Optional | No Bluetooth | Optional | Supported Secondary protection | Optional | No

It seems slightly weird that more cheaper have +2 thermal sensors.
Also what interface is better CAN, 485 or UART (isolated or non-isolated)?
Is 'History storage' is useful option?

Maybe here there are owners of one of these or people who use similar options.

Links for bms and datasheet
model SP24S004 - datasheet link
model AP21S001 - datasheet link
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