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Docan Power fees


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Mar 14, 2020
I made an order for 18 of the 280Ah cells from Docan, shipped from the Texas warehouse.
Went to the checkout and on the invoice was a $76 'transaction fee'. No mention of this fee prior to checkout and no details of what the fee was for.
E-mailed the company to be told the fee was for transaction protection of international orders.
I asked, what international order, the warehouse is in Texas and I'm in New Mexico?
Then the e-mails changed to it being a 5% surcharge on PayPal.
I can't get a straight answer from Amy but supposedly the cells I wanted are now all sold out.
Is anyone else being hit with these mystery fees?
NM? That is worthy of a road trip and roll off $100 bills and save all the pesky fees.
Have not ordered from Docan yet but have seen similar fees on many things. Most common is gasoline with two prices for cash or credit.
Amy has always taken really good care of me... I make all my battery orders from her and I recommend that other people do the same... They've been great folks to work with on numerous occasions

One time she accidentally did send me the wrong item... Unfortunately it was the only one left in the United States. So she contacted a company that she sells to had them overnight me the item no questions asked and traded the items out

I was out nothing but I got to see that they do take care of their customers even when things don't go perfectly

It's one thing to do a great job... It's way more important to me that you can do a great job fixing it when something doesn't go right.

If she charged you the fee... That sucks but you're still getting a great battery for a great price
My point is that the fee was never mentioned, it just appeared on the invoice at checkout and then the reason for the fee changed.
But there are plenty of other suppliers.
I recently ordered two 300ah packs from them. The 5% surcharge on PayPal and CC’s was stated up front before hand. They also state there is a $50 fee for wire transfers.

Their credit card processor never worked so I had to shift over to PayPal. Not sure if this is intentional. I let my credit card company know beforehand the charge amount and who to so it would be approved but Docan’s system never could complete the transaction. PayPal went through instantly.
5% payment fee on domestic or international orders clearly stated when I got to contacting for a quote in the last couple weeks so they must have improved their transparency.
I've ordered from Jenny Wu at DOCAN quite a few times, starting in 2021. Every order invoice she sends me for review before placing my order clearly states every line item, to include the 5% PayPal fee. When I had an issue with one of my Apexium 48V battery boxes Jenny rectified it almost instantly. I have several friends who have ordered from her too and all of us have been very satisfied with her customer service.

diy solar

diy solar