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EVE LF280K V3 Grade A Cells - Too good to be true?

I bought them last year from 18650batterystore. Works fine. At the time I bought them, I didn't know about the production issues with the LF280k. Don't know if they sorted them out. I'd probably go for the 304 version. $4 (4%) more for 9% more power.
Or grade B 304's from them. Almost 10% more power, $30 less. That's about $500 savings on a 48 volt battery.
Thanks all. What's the difference between Grade A and Grade B - and are those standard across manufacturers or vendor dependent? I presume A is better than B?

Long long ago I use to buy factory blemished batteries at a decent discount - electrically identical and I swear sometimes the "blemish" was a simple overstock. e.g. Call it a blemish to get it sold at a lower price without impacting the primary trade. Is A vs. B something similar?
Yes it's similar.
Manufacture a bunch of cells and the highest yielding cells go to the EV market and are called grade a and are priced for that.
That is a respectable price and they are very correct when they say a proper A-Grade 280K-V3 tests out around 300-305 AH.
18650batterystore is legit, mostly but recently they are not sending out test reports so because of this I would say wait until they have this problem solved.

If you are after the cheapest grade A and need to buy a good amount: sunfunkits: that is going to be the cheapest at $98.96/cell shipped & delivered.

They appear to have a 40 cell pallet in the us warehouse: but price is not as good at $109.35/cell plus shipping.

Right now I'm leaning towards batteryhookup: for smaller amounts the report can be downloaded by anyone and its v3 cells in stock, but expect to pay sales tax + shipping for most places so it ends up closer to about $145.00 cell shipped.

There is also but there toxic relationship with docan makes it harder and harder to recommend; especially when both companies use the same report and then claim they are separate companies...

But yes 18650 is legit, however, do not order until you get a guarantee that you are getting test reports with your order.

diy solar

diy solar